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Technician License Course

License Level 1
Explains all 411 questions in the Technician exam question pool.
  • Designed for the beginner

  • Self-paced & self-administered

  • Bite-sized, topical organization

  • Available as book or video course

  • Free online support materials

  • Written & instructed by expert hams

How the course works
  1. Read a section, or view a video lesson.
    (Book & video edition sold separately below.)

  2. Review the highlighted exam items.

  3. Take our online section quiz.

  4. Optionally peruse our online Learning Supplements.

  5. Repeat for each book section or video lesson.

  6. Check your readiness with our online practice exams.

  7. Ace the license exam! –>

Technician License Course - book $19.95
  • Simple explanations of all Technician exam pool items.

  • Fully illustrated, 190 pages.

  • Topically organized.

  • Free online quizzes and learning supplements.

Technician License Course - video edition
  • Simple explanations of all exam pool items.

  • 10 hours of video lessons, 120-day subscription.

  • Organized section-by-section with the book version - coordinated.

  • Free online quizzes and learning supplements.

  • Free preview lessons.
    (Account creation required.)

Beginner's Getting Started Info
  • FAQs for beginners.

  • Recommended articles.

  • Licensing process explained.

Online Support Materials

What's this?

Interactive quizzes displaying the full exam question and response options, covering all questions explained in a course section.

What's this?

Video, audio, articles, and links for each section topic that reinforce exam prep and go deeper for practical learning. Free and open learning supplements.

What you'll learn
What You'll Learn, Section by Section:

1.0 Operating Your Radio

1.1 Transceiver Basics
1.2 Ham Communication Basics 
1.3 Repeater Basics 

2.0 FCC Rules & Regs 

2.1 The FCC and You 
2.2 Controlling Your Station 
2.3 Call Signs 
2.4 Talking to the World 

3.0 Things To Do 

4.0 Wavelength, Frequency, & Bands 

4.1 Wavelength and Frequency 
4.2 Bands, Band Plans, & License Privileges 

5.0 Signal Propagation 

6.0 Processing Signals 

7.0 Antennas 

7.1 Antenna Basics 
7.2 Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)
7.3 Coax and Connectors 

8.0 It’s Electric! 

8.1 Electric Basics 
8.2 Ohm’s Law and Power Law 
8.3 Making Electrical Measurements 

9.0 Hamtronics 

9.1 Electronic Basics 
9.2 Transistors and More 

10.0 Digital Modes 

11.0 Space Contacts 

12.0 Avoiding Interference 

13.0 Safety 

13.1 Electrical Safety 
13.2 Antenna & Tower Safety 
13.3 RF Exposure Safety 

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