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You asked for it, and now we've delivered!

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Announcing the new
Building on the successful formula of our popular Technician & General License Courses, we've crafted an Extra License Course that...
  • Prepares you to ace the exam
  • Imparts valuable practical knowledge
  • Is easy to digest
  • Serves as a handy future reference
It's everything you expect from a Ham Radio School course!
  • Explains all 621 Extra exam question items.
  • Over 230 professionally crafted instructional illustrations.
  • Bite-sized topical sections in conceptual building block sequence.
  • Free online quizzes, section by section, and comprehensive practice exams.
  • Tons of free online learning supplements, section by section, including video, audio, articles and links.

Don't brainlessly memorize questions and answers!


Prepare the Ham Radio School way and really understand ham radio.

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