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Technician License Course

License Level 1
Explains all 411 questions in the Technician exam question pool.
  • Designed for the beginner

  • Self-paced & self-administered

  • Bite-sized, topical organization

  • Convenient online format

  • Non-expiring subscription

  • Created by expert hams

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How the course works

Our complete Technician License Course is delivered to you online, and each lesson includes:​

  • eBook reading, explaining and highlighting the question pool items.

  • Video classroom instruction, reinforcing exam content and practical applications.

  • Focused exam item review materials.

  • Interactive quiz with full exam pool item questions and responses.

  • Depth options - video, audio, articles, & links to explore beyond the exam.

The course also includes:

  • Practice exams to test your readiness, just like the real exams.

  • Non-expiring subscription, so you can continue your ham radio education into the future.

Lesson by Lesson...

eBook Reading

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Course Overview Video - See how it works
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Technician License Course  $29.95
Free preview lessons with account creation.
Technician License Course - book only
(print, monochrome interior)       
  • Simple explanations of all Technician exam pool items.

  • Fully illustrated, 190 pages.

  • Topically organized.

  • Free online quizzes and learning supplements.

What's this?

Interactive quizzes displaying the full exam question and response options, covering all questions explained in a course section.

What's this?

Video, audio, articles, and links for each section topic that reinforce exam prep and go deeper for practical learning. Free & open.

What you'll learn
What You'll Learn, Section by Section:

1.0 Operating Your Radio

1.1 Transceiver Basics
1.2 Ham Communication Basics 
1.3 Repeater Basics 

2.0 FCC Rules & Regs 

2.1 The FCC and You 
2.2 Controlling Your Station 
2.3 Call Signs 
2.4 Talking to the World 

3.0 Things To Do 

4.0 Wavelength, Frequency, & Bands 

4.1 Wavelength and Frequency 
4.2 Bands, Band Plans, & License Privileges 

5.0 Signal Propagation 

6.0 Processing Signals 

7.0 Antennas 

7.1 Antenna Basics 
7.2 Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)
7.3 Coax and Connectors 

8.0 It’s Electric! 

8.1 Electric Basics 
8.2 Ohm’s Law and Power Law 
8.3 Making Electrical Measurements 

9.0 Hamtronics 

9.1 Electronic Basics 
9.2 Transistors and More 

10.0 Digital Modes 

11.0 Space Contacts 

12.0 Avoiding Interference 

13.0 Safety 

13.1 Electrical Safety 
13.2 Antenna & Tower Safety 
13.3 RF Exposure Safety 

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