ham radio study guide
  • Complete FCC Technician Amateur Radio License Preparation.

  • Fully coordinated online quizzes and multi-media learning supplements.

  • Logically organized, building-block approach in small, easy-to-digest sections.

  • Balanced depth with simplicity for real understanding of ham radio concepts.

  • Highlighted text helps you focus on exam question specifics, language, and explanations.

  • Fully illustrated with more than 100 photographs and informative graphics.

  • The easiest way to learn ham radio and prepare for your exam!

Is this book right for you?

If you want to earn your introductory ham radio license, Ham Radio School’s Technician License Course study guide is definitely for you, regardless of your background. You’ll get fundamental understanding of radio along with the competence and confidence to get on the air quickly. Easy-to-grasp explanations, ample illustrations, and supportive web multimedia will help you intuitively grasp ham radio concepts. You may even find it fun to read!

ham radio technician book

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Ham Radio School!

I didn't want to just pass the test by memorizing the answers... I wanted to understand the concepts involved. I highly recommend it.  -- J Bird

Cleared the mud of technical jargon! This book has humor and easily understood examples to explain the more complicated ideas. It is easy to read. It was what I needed to pass my test.  -- Ms. Nezzy

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Technician License Course Study Guide
2018-2022 edition
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Ham Radio School
Technician License Course

This study guide is for Technician license exams July 1, 2022 and later.

  • Prep for the exam while learning ham!

    Don’t waste time brainlessly memorizing questions and answers with little understanding. Prepare for the exam while learning practical ham radio concepts that will get you on the air quicker. Your prep will go faster, stick with you longer, and give you the competency to make that first on-air call.

  • Just the right answers:

    The right answers to exam questions are highlighted in bold print and surrounded by easy-to-understand explanations and loads of graphics. On the exam, the right answers will pop out at you like they are on fire.

  • Free extras online:

    Get more ways to learn with our section-by-section learning media. Quizzes, videos, audio, articles, and informative links, fully coordinated with each topical section.

  • Elevate your learning!

    Ace the exam and get on the air quickly. See our online info for more details about this book and our learning method that provides outstanding exam prep along with practical ham radio knowledge. It is the most efficient way to learn and begin operating.

  • Instructors:

    Full classroom materials support available, coordinated with the study guide. Teaching charts, video supplements, expert recommendations. Elevate your ham class, too!