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Section Quizzes

Each license course section has a matching quiz here that covers all of the license exam question pool items discussed in the section. After studying a section's content, check your learning with the interactive section quiz. Just click the desired section listing below.

Technician License Course Quizzes & Practice Exams
2022-2026 Question Pool

  • Chapter 1: Operating Your Radio

Front Cover small.PNG
  • Chapter 2: FCC Rules & Regs

  • Chapter 4: Wavelength, Frequency, & Bands

  • Chapter 7: Antennas

  • Chapter 8: It's Electric!

  • Chapter 9: Hamtronics

  • Chapter 13: Safety

Technician Practice Exams 2022-2026
These 35-question practice exams are representative of the real exam mix of questions. All 411 question pool items are reviewed across these exams. Take lots of these exams aiming for a score of 30 or more correct responses (85%). Repeat as needed.

Practice Exams Tech Anchor
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