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Ham Radio School
General License Course

This study guide is for General license exams 
July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2027.

  • Prep for the exam while learning ham!

    Don’t waste time brainlessly memorizing questions and answers with little understanding. Prepare for the exam while learning practical ham radio concepts that will get you on the HF bands quicker. Your prep will go faster, stick with you longer, and give you the competency to make that first on-air call on General band segments.

  • Just the right answers:

    The right answers to exam questions are highlighted in bold print and surrounded by easy-to-understand explanations and loads of graphics. On the exam, the right answers will pop out at you like they are on fire.

  • Fully Illustrated:
    More than 150 professionally crafted illustrations and photographs to help you visualize concepts and remember exam question pool responses.
  • Free extras online:

    Get more ways to learn with our section-by-section learning supplements. Quizzes & practice exams, videos, audio, articles, and informative links, fully coordinated with each topical section. Reinforces exam question pool items, and provides deeper learning opportunities.

  • Elevate your learning!

    Ace the exam and upgrade quickly. Really understand ham radio! It is the most efficient way to learn and begin operating proficiently.

  • Instructors:

Full classroom materials support available, coordinated with the study guide. Teaching charts, video supplements, expert recommendations. Elevate your classroom, too!

Try Before You Buy!  Free!

Try our first two chapters plus our online quizzes and learning media FREE!  That's 30 pages of content plus supporting video, audio, and articles, free for you to experience our top-rated Technician License learning system.
  • Chapter Ø: Before We Begin establishes foundational concepts and Technician review before getting into the exam material.
  • Chapter 1: Rules & Regs begins exam topic coverage with three sections relating FCC regulations relevant to HF and General class station operations.
  • 55 of the 429 General question pool items explained!
  • Online interactive quizzes and practice exams, full question pool format to test your learning.
  • Example informative graphics and photos.
  • Audio illustrating various ham radio operational modes.
  • Video and animations to drive home radio concepts.
  • Ham radio terminology references.
  • And more... FREE just to check out our top-notch system for Technician License exam preparation.
Try it now!


This book simplifies complicated information for the General License Radio Course. It has fantastic online extras for each section, including video, audio, quizzes and more free. It is easy to comprehend.  -- Helpful Sal

Hands down this is an excellent book! I am a life long teacher and so I understand the importance of good teaching materials. The best thing about this book is that it actually teaches you about the subjects at hand with enough detail, so that in the end you have answers to the detailed test questions.  -- Dark Sheep

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