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Technician License Course 2022-2026
Video Edition
  • Complete Technician license exam prep.

  • 28 bite-sized video lessons, organized by topic.

  • Average lesson length is 21 minutes.

  • Explains all 411 exam question pool items.

  • Highlighted question pool items in succinct 'correct response only' format, with review summaries.

  • Graphics, animations, video & audio excerpts, and expert instructor narrative.

  • Lesson-by-lesson quizzes and extra web media.

  • Great as a companion to our Technician study guide or as stand-alone exam preparation.

  • 10 hours total duration, 120-day subscription.

  • Earn your license quickly while gaining real understanding of ham radio concepts.

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Introductory price:  $15.95

Technician License Course, Video Edition Extracts (Audio omitted):

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